Best 5 Universal Garage Door Opener Keypad Reviews In 2022

Are you looking for one garage door opener keypad?

You should read this review of the universal garage door opener keypad. There are five models of different garage door opener keypad brands. You can find useful information about them and then decide easily what exactly do you need.


Information About Universal Garage Door Opener Keypad

Why Is Keypad Useful?

The keypad is a little device, which you need to install in front of your garage door. You have your unique passcode and you need to type it and then you can enter into your garage. There are keypads with 4-digit, 5-digit or 6-digit passcode. You can choose between them.

Universal Device?

Some brands produce keypads only for their garage door openers. If you already have a garage door opener, maybe the best option for you is to buy a universal garage door opener keypad. It works with all garage door opener’s brands. The universal device is always a good choice.

How To Use It?

If you choose your favorite keypad, it is very easy to use it. First, this device requires a battery, some keypad comes with the included battery and sometimes you need to buy it separately. Put the battery into the device and it will turn on. Then pick out your personal security passcode. On your garage door opener push the Learn button and the security code is accepted.

Where To Buy Universal Keypad?

You can buy it in a specialized store or you can order it from web sites. There are many websites which sell all you can imagine. On of that websites is Amazon. There you can find a lot of universal keypads form different companies. If a product doesn’t have descriptions and custom reviews, don’t buy it. First check the seller, product description, customer reviews and shipping.

Best 5 Universal Garage Door Openers

Best Programmable Garage Door Keypad

Liftmaster 397 lm Universal Keypad

Built-in Backlights

The Liftmaster 387 lm has integrated backlit, so when it’s dark outside, you can clearly type your passcode. The numbers are illuminated. This wireless keypad has 8 x 4 x 0.1 inches and it weighs 2.5 ounces. The Liftmaster requires a battery of 9 V and it is included in the package.

Liftmaster 397 lm Universal Keypad

White Color

The Liftmaster 387lm universal wireless keypad comes in white color and the numbers are red. It has a slide-up protective cover and it is water-resistant. The keypad and the battery are safe from any weather conditions. The Liftmaster 387lm can operate with the majority of garage door opener brands.

Two Screws

It is easy to install the Liftmaster 387 garage door opener keypad on the wall. It doesn’t have wires, so you don’t have to bother with it. You don’t have any hardware fo installing, the two screws are included in the package. You just need to mount it.

Liftmaster 397 lm Universal Keypad review

Many MHz

The Liftmaster clicker keypad can work on many radio frequencies. It is compatible with 300, 310, 315, 372 and 390 MHz. So, it will work in any conditions. It is a practical device, you don’t have to open your garage door manually and carry remote with you.

Programmable Keypad

On this Liftmaster garage door opener keypad, you can choose your personal passcode. But if you want to change it, you can do it. It is a programmable keypad. So, you can change your personal passcode whatever you want, there is no limit or something like that.


  • weather-resistant cover
  • universal item
  • screws included
  • included battery

Best Universal Wireless Garage Door Keypad

Chamberlain Klik2u Keypad

Illuminated Keypad

The Chamberlain universal wireless keypad has 9.5 x 5.5 x 2.5 inches and weighs 8 ounces. It requires 1 AA battery and it is included in the price. The warranty for this universal wireless keypad is one year. If you have some questions about installation or compatibility, call the Chamberlain custom service. The keypad has illuminated numbers so they are easy to see. This product is very popular in the market and has a great rating.

Chamberlain Klik2u Keypad

Wire-Free Set Up

The instruction is included in the package, but it’s easy to install it because there aren’t wires. The Chamberlain clicker keypad has the weatherproof cover and it extends the keypad’s life. The Chamberlain garage door keypad is intended for the residential garage door produced after 1993. Also, they have to use photoelectric sensors.

Secure Encryption

This wireless keypad requires 4-digit passcode. It uses secure encryptions which protect you from hacking. The price for this universal garage door opener keypad is affordable. It uses smart learn technology, so you can easily program it. On the Chamberlain web site, you can watch the instruction videos.

Chamberlain Klik2u Keypad review


As I said, the Liftmaster garage door opener keypad is compatible with major garage door opener’s brands, but it isn’t compatible with Sommer and Extreme garage door openers. The other model, Chamberlain 940EV-P2 is compatible with other garage door opener brands, so check it, too.


  • 4-digit passcode
  • safe from hacking
  • easy to program it

Best Smart Universal Garage Door Keypad

Genie Universal Keypad

Mounting Screws

This universal garage door opener keypad is compatible with all garage door openers which are manufactured after 1996. It is simply the set the Genie keypad, but if you not sure you can call the service or read the instruction. The mounting screws are included in the price, so you don’t have to buy installation tools.

Genie Universal Keypad

Battery Of 9 Volts

The Genie clicker garage door opener uses one battery of 9 Volts. But in the package, there are two batteries included. This universal keypad also has backlit, so you can clearly see the numbers on the keypad. The body of this wireless garage door opener keypad is water-resistant.

315 MHz & 390 MHz

This universal wireless garage door keypad can work on dual-frequency. If some device near your garage door has a strong signal and interfere with keypad, the keypad will use another frequency. It can operate in 315 MHz and 390 MHz. The Genie is one smart keypad.

Intellicode Technology

You don’t have to buy three keypads if you have three garage doors. This impressive device can control three garage doors. That is really amazing feature. The Genie is compatible with Intellicode technology, so it changes passcode after every door activation.

Genie Universal Keypad review

Affordable Price

If you visit Amazon, they offer affordable price for this smart universal garage door opener keypad. Also, you can choose the package, there is from 1-pack to 5-packs. If you need more items, or you want to buy it for your friends, you can buy a 3-pack of this device.

Replaceable Item

The Genie universal wireless keypad can replace old Genie keypad models. The only requirement is that these old models are compatible with Intellicode technology. The warranty for this smart device is one year, so if you have any questions, call the service.


  • works on two frequency
  • included batteries
  • water-resistant surface
  • can operate with 3 garage doors

Best Universal Small Keypad

Skylink 318k Garage Door Keypad

Black Color

The Skylink garage door opener keypad comes in black color. It has 4 x 1.3 x 6.8 inches and 5.5 ounces. If you want to buy this universal garage door keypad, you will receive a warranty of one year. The battery isn’t included in the price. But this device uses 1 AAA battery and it lasts for a long time.

Skylink 318k Garage Door Keypad

12V-100mA Adapter

This clicker garage door keypad has background lights. If there is dark outside, you don’t have to use flash or lights from your smartphone, there are backlit. You can easily type your passcode. This universal keypad is compatible with almost every garage door opener brands, but not with MyQ operators. Also, if you have an old garage door opener, you need to buy an adapter of 12 V.


The Skylink has an automatic lock feature. That means, if you try to type your passcode more than 10 times, the keypad will automatically lock itself. That will last for 10 minutes. After that, you can try again. That is useful if unauthorized people try to enter into your garage.

Skylink 318k Garage Door Keypad review

Flip Cover

This universal keypad has a flip cover. It protects keypad and battery from rain, snow or other negative circumstances. The cover is waterproof, so this device will last for a long time. If you already have remote for your garage door opener, this keypad will work with it.


  • automatic lock
  • waterproof cover
  • black color keypad

Best Cheap Universal Garage Door Keypad

Craftsman Universal Garage Door Keypad

Low Price

The Craftsman company produce garage door openers, remotes, wall controllers and keypads. This is a very popular and quality company. You can complete the package if you buy it on Amazon. They offer two remotes and remote with purple learn button for a really affordable price.

Craftsman Universal Garage Door Keypad

Illuminated Lights

This Craftsman universal garage door keypad has one great feature. Its digits have lights, so when it’s dark or poorly visible outside, the digits are illuminated and you can clearly see the numbers and type your passcode. The installation of this universal keypad is very simple.

4-digit PIN

YOu need to install this universal garage door opener keypad in front of your garage door. It isn’t complicated, because there aren’t wires or other hardware. It is practical to use, all you need to do is type your personal 4-digit passcode. You don’t have to carry key or remote to open your garage door.

Craftsman Universal Garage Door Keypad review


Craftsman universal garage door opener keypad is a small and compact device. It has 8.5 x 4.8 x 1.5 inches. The weight is about 7 ounces. You can buy it in bright grey color. The Craftsman keypad requires one battery of 9 V, but it isn’t included in the price.

Protective Cover

The Craftsman clicker garage door opener has a protective cover and it saves keypad and battery from rain, snow or other weather conditions. The battery will stay dry. The Craftsman offers a year warranty for this universal keypad. If you have some questions, call the service.


  • small and compact
  • no wires
  • 1-year warranty
  • digits with lights

Conclusion: Which Are The Best Two Universal Garage Door Opener Keypads?

After you read the reviews of these universal garage door opener keypads, you can easily decide which one is the best for your garage door opener. If you need a little help, I’ll recommend these two models: the Chamberlain garage door opener keypad and the Genie universal garage door keypad. The Genie can run on dual-frequency, it can control three garage doors, includes batteries and has an affordable price. The Chamberlain garage door opener keypad is easy to program and easy to install, it has an affordable price and great compatibility.

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