Best 5 Google Home Garage Door Openers In 2022 Reviews

You have left the house and forget to close your garage door?

Do you think of smart devices like Google home garage door opener? You should read this article because it talks about Google garage door opener. It will make your life much easier. Here I will describe 5 models of Google garage door opener, their features, and advantages. You can compare those models and decide if this kind of equipment is good for you


What Do You Need To Know About Google Garage Door Opener?

How Does That Smart Garage Door Opener Work?

You need to have a smart garage door, home Wi-Fi router and smartphone or tablet. You activate the smart garage door opener with your smartphone via an app. Then your smart device sends signals to the internet. Your home router receives this information and sends it to the Door Control Module. The DCM connect with Door Position Sensor via Bluetooth and return new information on your smartphone.

Smart Notifications

There are more interesting features. The Google home garage door opener records the position of your garage door and sends a notification on your mobile phone if the door is open/close. They can remind you if your garage door is open too long or have an automatic close option.

Personal Assistant

If you don’t have time to check your garage door’s status, you can speak with Google Assistant or with Alexa. You can ask it if your garage door is closed or to open up the garage door. On the Google home devices, you can use Google Assistant and on the Amazon Echo or Fire device, you can talk with Alexa.

Where To Buy That Clever Stuff?

The easiest way is to order it from the internet. There are a lot of smart garage door openers and you can choose the best one for your needs. On the Amazon, you can also read the customer reviews, who already buy it and try it. That can help you with your decision.

Best 5 Google Garage Door Openers

Best Smart Garage Door Opener Google Home

Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Google Home

Ultra Quiet

The construction of this Chamberlain garage door opener is made of high-grade material and these materials provide a long time of use. This Google garage door opener uses a belt-driven system, it is reinforced with steel. This system is ultra-quiet and strong. The Chamberlain has 26 x 8 x 13.4 inches and uses lithium metal batteries.

Chamberlain B1381 Garage Door Opener

3100 Lumens

The Chamberlain garage door opener has integrated LED lights. They are powerful and has 3100 lumens. You can see every corner of your garage with those lights. These LED lights can last over 30 000 hours. When you entering into the garage, the lights turn on.

The Most Horsepower

The Chamberlain smart garage door opener uses a sophisticated DC motor. It produces 1.25 horsepower and that is the highest lifting power on this list. This motor can lift a very heavy garage door. But it has the best effort on 7 feet garage door. For 8ft and 10ft you’ll need an extension kit.

Chamberlain B1381 Garage Door Opener review

MyQ App

If you download the MyQ app on your smartphone, it is available for Android and Apple, you can close or open your door, wherever you are. Also, if you not sure did you left your garage door open, you can check its status. Also, you can get real-time notification about your garage door’s status. With three friends, you can share your door access.

Google Home Garage Door Opener

If you at work, you can connect your garage door with your smartphone via the internet. Then you can ask Google Assistant if your garage door opened, and tell to close it or you can just check its position. Also, you can use IFTTT and create your schedule or Wink for connecting with your smart home devices.


  • belt driven quiet system
  • long-lasting LED lights
  • 1.25 horsepower
  • smartphone control

Best Automatic Smart Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain Smart Garage Door Opener

Direct Drive Opener

The Chamberlain RJ020 uses the direct drive system. That system doesn’t use belt, chain or any threaded add. The motor runs the trolley. It operates quietly and it’s easy to maintain it. This model is intended for mounting on the wall, it’s thin and can fit in every space. The overhead space is free for a big vehicle.

Chamberlain RJO20 Direct Drive Garage Door Opener

Small-sized Door Opener

This garage door opener with Google home is a small-sized device, it has 6.8 x 6 x 16 inches. Its weight is 31 pounds. The Chamberlain uses batteries made of lithium metal. You will get a lifetime warranty for the motor and 5 years warranty for other parts.

Ask Google

If you don’t have time for checking your garage door’s position, you can ask Google Assistant to check. Google Assistant is compatible with the garage door opener. It will tell you if your garage door is open or closed. Also, when you drive to your home, you can tell Google to open your garage door.

Chamberlain RJO20 Direct Drive Garage Door Opener review

Smartphone App

Except for Google Assistant, you can download the app on your smartphone and check your garage door position, or open/close your garage door. You can share your garage door access with three people. If something happens, you will get a real-time notification on your smart device.


For one price, you will get one remote with three buttons, automatic lock deadbolt, Wi-Fi smart garage gateway, wall controller, safety sensors. Safety sensors will automatically reverse the door closing if they record some obstacles under the garage door. The auto-lock feature keeps your garage door secure from a violent opening.


  • quiet direct drive system
  • wall mounted
  • Google assistant garage door opener

Best Wifi Garage Door Opener

Genie Smart Garage Door Opener

Voice Assistants

If you want to have access to Google or Amazon voice assistants, you need to install the app on your smart device and have a door opener that supports the internet. Your mobile sends information via Bluetooth. Then you can tell to the voice assistant to open/close your garage door or just check the garage door’s status. If you buy a Genie door opener, you’ll have access to voice assistants.

Genie Chain Drive Door Opener

CR2 Batteries

Genie uses a DC motor, which operates more quietly. It produces 1/2 horsepower. It uses chain drive system which is noisier than the belt system. There are included 4 CR2 batteries and they can last about 2 years. The Genie Google garage door opener is intended for a residential 7ft garage door. It has a safety T-beam which automatically reverses the door if there is something under it.

Easy To Install

You don’t have to use some additional hardware for installation, it’s simple, and all you need is in the package. Genie has a tough 5-piece rail system. It is adjusted to mounting on the ceiling. The device has 12 x 8.5 x 28 inches and weighs 29 pounds. If you have an 8ft garage door, you need to buy an extension kit.

Genie Chain Drive Door Opener review

Programmable Remotes

There are two remotes included in the package. They are programmable, so you can set them up in the way you want. You can program the buttons and change them when you want. Also, you can use Yonomi smart home app, make your personal routine and sync your other home smart devices with your garage door.


  • enable Wi-Fi
  • 1/2 horsepower
  • Yonomi smart home app
  • safety T-beam

Best Belt Driven Smart Garage Door Opener

Mighty Mule Smart Door Opener

Affordable Price

This Google home garage door opener uses a belt-driven system. The belt is made of high-quality rubber materials and it provides even more silent operation. It reduces vibration and produces less noise. It isn’t expensive, you can find it at an affordable price. The LED lights are also included in the price, they last longer than bulb lights.

Mighty Mule Small Door Opener

Powerful Motor

The Mighty Mule smart garage door opener uses a strong motor that produces 3/4 horsepower. That is one of the most powerful garage door openers. With that power, the Mighty Mule can open every oversized garage doors. This power is also useful if you very often open your garage door.

Lifetime Warranty

The Mighty Mule has 11.5 x 29 x 15 inches and weighs 34 pounds. It comes in elegant black color and it’s made of high-quality steel materials. It is easy to install this garage door opener that works with Google home, but you need to install it on your ceiling. For the motor, belt and LED lights, you’ll get a lifetime warranty.

Mighty Mule Small Door Opener review

Google Assistant Or Alexa

The Mighty Mule smart garage door opener uses advanced technology. You can use voice assistants like Google Assistant or Alexa and ask them about your garage door status. Also, if you drive, you can tell the voice-assistant to open your garage door. There are more things included in the price: the keypad, two remotes, photo eyes, wall controller and 7 feet of belt rail.


  • belt drive garage door opener
  • 3/4 horsepower
  • for oversized door

Best Universal Google Garage Door Opener

Atoms Smart Garage Door Opener

DC Motor

The Atoms 1622BK smart garage door opener is a belt-driven device. It has 1/2 horsepower, and that power is enough for lifting a single garage door and double garage door. The belt system provides quiet operation. It is a great device if you have a bedroom above your garage.

Atoms Smart Garage Door Opener

LED Lights

The Atoms smart garage door opener has integrated LED lights. They are long-lasting lights, so you don’t have to change the light bulbs. This device has 12 x 5.6 x 5.5 inches, so it’s a small garage door opener. It has an affordable price and the package includes batteries.

Orbit Home App

This garage door opener is compatible with Orbit Smart app, you just need to download it. You can use Alexa, Google Assistant or IFTTT options for checking the garage door positions. Also, you’ll get real-time notification about garage door position. Also, this device supports multiple users, which means you can enable access to your friends.

Atoms Smart Garage Door Opener review

LCD Display

This Google home garage door opener has one more useful feature. The LCD display. It will show you if there is some kind of error and it will guide you through programming. For example, if there is F, that means force exceeded the garage door limit, letter B means the safety sensor is blocked.

In-car Remote

With that feature, you don’t have to carry extra remote. If your car has built-in in-car remote, you can easily open or close your door. The Atoms smart garage door opener has backup battery. If there is a power outage, your smart door opener still will work. But you need to buy it separately.


  • quiet operation
  • built-in LED lights
  • Alexa, Google or IFTTT
  • diagnostic display

Conclusion: How To Choose The Best Google Garage Door Opener?

It isn’t easy, you have many quality products on the market and on this list. But it’s good to know that you can’t go wrong if you choose one of them. The best two on this list are the Chamberlain RJ020 Google garage door opener and the Genie 2033 smart garage door opener. The Chamberlain uses a direct drive mechanism without any belt or chain, it’s a thin device and you can mount it on the wall, it has an auto-lock feature and it’s compatible with Google assistant. The Genie is compatible with Alexa’s assistant and Google assistant, it has a chain drive system and programmable remotes.

If you are interested in the best garage door openers, read this review of top-rated garage door openers. If you looking for the universal opener, check out my post about universal garage door opener. But if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on that device, you can look at this review of cheap garage doors for sale.