Gogogate Garage Door Openers For Sale In 2022 Reviews & Tips

Do you own a garage?

If you wish to improve your home and lifestyle with the next smart-tech piece, this one is very important in your Smarthome.

Check out the Gogogate2 Garage Door Opener. In this article, I will introduce you to the Gogogate2 garage door opener, its downloadable app and how it can turn your garage from dumb to smart! Read about its features and how it can improve your lifestyle.


Gogogate2 Smart Garage Door Opener

With this advanced and useful piece of mechanism, you can access your garage door from anywhere in the world. With the use of a Smartphone, PC or a Tablet, you can remotely monitor, open or close your garage door. It consists of a Gogogate2 hardware device and a smartphone app. It is a very simple and user-friendly smart technology.

Where Can You Buy Gogogate2 Garage Door Opener

You can always check out the Gogogate2 official website. They offer worldwide shipping. Although, I would strongly recommend ordering it on Amazon.com. Amazon gives you the ability to read various reviews and average user ratings. You can also compare the product with a similar one from other brands before making a final decision, as well as frequent discounts.

Price Range Of Gogogate2 Garage Door Opener

When it comes to price, many people who searched for the affordable product, found that this is the one. For the ease of installation, it is an absolute winner. Scanning through customer reviews on the various smart garage door tech, Gogogate2 based on features is a real superior product. The download of the app is free, and there is no monthly fee for operation.

Customer Service And Warranty

Customer service is very user-friendly and reliable. E-mails are answered in less than 24 hours from Monday to Friday and e-mails sent on weekends and holidays are answered on the first business day. Gogogate2 ensures you a 1-year limited warranty. If the product was used according to documentation and fails, the manufacturer will decide either to replace or repair the product or refund the purchased price.

Gogogate2 Smarthome Technologies

Gogogate2 is compatible with almost single every system. It is compatible with Homekit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and with IFTTT through which you can operate with your iOs device. It is multiplatform that allows you to use it through Smartphone, PC or a Tablet, anywhere and anytime.

Gogogate2 integration with IFTTT

If This Then That (IFTTT) is a popular service used to link and combine various devices and services to automatically do things for you. It is free and downloadable from the App Store, and it can associate with many great connected devices such as Android and iOS. IFTTT can also connect to Smartthings.

Control Gogogate2 with your voice

Make voice commands to your Gogogate2 from your Smartphone and Google Home devices. Use Amazon Echo smart speaker named Alexa or Apple’s Siri as your personal assistant.

Gogogate2 Garage Door Opener Review

Use Gogogate2 Garage Door Opener Remotely

This remote access works very well. You can open or close your garage door from anywhere in the world. You can also set time and date for certain actions. All you need is a WiFi connection. However, if you do not have internet access and want to control your garage, just set up the device to be it’s own AP. When your smartphone is within signal distance, it gets connected, and you can control it.

Gogogate2 Garage Door Opener

One Gogogate2 Controls Up to 3 Doors Or Gates

This is a great solution if you have two or three doors in your garage. With just one Gogogate2 device you can control them all through a unique app. If you want to control both a garage and a gate, with Gogogate2 you can do it at the same time.

Video Monitoring And Recording

Installation of the indoor or outdoor IP camera allows you to track actions in your garage even if you are miles away, either past events, or real-time. Simply connect it to your Gogogate2 app. Unfortunately, the IP camera is not included, so if you want it to remotely monitor your garage you will have to buy it.

Gogogate2 Garage Door Opener review

Gogogate2 User Management

With Gogogate2 you can create up to 10 different users for free. With this simple solution, you can forget about lost keys. Admin is the one in control of all other accounts, with the power to restrict the usage of others, decide if user can operate remotely or locally, decide where or when the user can have access, and many more. All that with quick and simple use of the Gogogate2 app.

Setup Of The Gogogate2 Garage Door Opener

Before getting Gogogate2 system, please check your garage gate’s compatibility. The setup couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is connect 2 wires to your current garage door opener wall switch, no matter which wire you connect to which post. Then you connect the pre-configured wiring harness into the Gogogate2 controller and plug it into an AC outlet, and finally, install the Gogogate2 app.


  • Remote access and voice control
  • Multiplatform and Smart Home connection
  • Video monitoring and real-time alerts
  • Access management to share with up to 10 people (for free)

Replacement Parts And Accessories

Gogogate2 comes with Gogogate device, and various other small universal parts which can be easily replaced, and bought almost anywhere. Those are SD card adaptor and micro SD card, USB WiFi adapter, cable connectors, push-button cables, and double-sided tape. Some of them you may even have at home!

Gogogate2 Garage Door Opener Manual

The user manual is very simple and user-friendly, and I would recommend referring to it before you start. There you can read all the possible doubts and study the app and system in detail. If you want to read it now, visit the Gogogate2 website and check the user manual online.

Conclusion: Why You Should Get The Gogogate2 Garage Door Opener

What makes this product futuristic is its multifunctionality and the ability to connect to a variety of platforms and apps such as Google Home, Google Assistant, Amazon Echo, Apple Homekit, Smartthings, and IFTTT. Give commands to your personal assistants Alexa, or Siri, and let everything be made for you in a flash.

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