Best 5 Roll Up Garage Door Openers For Sale In 2022 Reviews

Are you looking for an alternative to opening your roll-up garage door manually?

Then you need to check roll up garage door opener. In this post, there are 5 models of roll-up garage door openers. Read about their features, prices, advantages and disadvantages, compare them and find the best one roll-up door opener for you.


What Do You Need To Know About Roll Up Garage Door Opener?

Many Options

The best part of the roll-up garage door opener is because you can find the different models of the door opener. They could be electric, manual or remote opener. That kind of garage door opens up by rolling itself to the top of the door. The garage door protects your stuff when you not at home, so you should invest in a good door opener.

Two Controlling Ways

The roll-up garage opener can automatically open and close your garage door. That is very practical, you don’t have to spend your time when you’re in a hurry or get off your car and stand in the rain during opening or closing the garage door. The first way is on/off button. It is usually mounted on the wall. The second way is the remote control. The remote control is the very popular and most usual way to control your garage door.

What You Need To Look For?

First, you need to check if your garage is compatible with the garage opener. Check the size and weight of your garage door. Don’t buy the cheapest door opener on the market. It isn’t worthy of your money. Buy it from a reputable brand. Check the safety sensors, for example, moving sensors. The power of garage door opener is measured in horsepower. If you have a heavy garage door, you’ll need more horsepower.

Mechanism Of Rolling

There are a few categories of garage door openers. You can choose from a direct drive, screw drive, jackshaft, belt drive and chain drive. The most popular are chain drive mechanism. They cost less than other types of door openers, they are durable and can fit in every garage doors.

Best 5 Roll Up Garage Door Openers

Best Automatic Garage Door Opener For Roll Up Door

Chamberlain Roll Up Door Opener

Quiet Door Opener

The Chamberlain door opener uses a belt drive mechanism. It produces less noise than the chain drive opener. If you have a bedroom above the garage, this is the best choice for you. It has 18 x 10 x 6.5 inches. It is lightweight, there are 35 pounds. It uses two lithium metal batteries.

Chamberlain Group B550

15 Years Of Warranty

In the price of this door opener, there are included door opener, rail kit, safety sensors, keyless entry keypad, wall control panel, two 3-button remotes transmitters. Also, you will get a warranty for door opener’s parts, 10 years for motor, 15 years for the belt and 1 year for parts.

Smart Garage Control

If you download the MyQ App on your smartphone or on a tablet, you can control your garage door from different places. You can open and close the door whenever you want. Also, you can see your garage door’s status when you are at work. You can set up notifications every time your garage door is opened/closed.

Chamberlain Group B550 review

The Lifting Capacity

The belt drive is reinforced with steel and high-quality materials. The Chamberlain roll up garage door opener has a powerful MED lift system and use the lifting force of 1/2 horsepower. This roll-up garage door opener use technology which ensures remote range over 1500 feet.

Wireless Keypad

The safety sensors are included in the package, they will automatically reverse the door if they catch any obstructions. Also, there is anti-theft protection, so when you lock the door, it stays locked. With dual-function control on the wall, you can open/close the garage door from inside.


  • belt drive opener
  • require lithium metal batteries
  • control with smartphone

Best Electric Garage Door Opener For Roll Up Doors

Craftsman Roll Up Garage Door Opener

1/2 Horsepower

The Craftsman door opener for the roll-up door has 1/2 horsepower. The door opener with 1/2 horsepower is the most popular on the market. It can be used on the garage capacity of two cars. That power is enough for quickly opening and closing.

Craftsman Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

No Key

You can enter into your garage without using the key. You can use safety programmable pin of 4 digits. You can install this roll-up door opener very fast, it has an advanced Quick Install Rail System. The Craftsman roll up garage door opener has the capacity to lift up to 7′ high. This device is the best for residential use.

The Tri-Frequency Radio System

There is one more useful feature – the Tri-Frequency Radio System. It provides you to access to your garage from far distance. Also, this system eliminates all interferences around your house, even changes in temperature. Also, there is an anti-burglary system that protects your garage door from undesired opening.

Craftsman Chain Drive Garage Door Opener review

Sleep Mode

The Craftsman garage door opener for the roll-up door has 26.5 x 14 x 8.5 inches and weighs 36 pounds. It is easy to install it and maintain this door opener. When your roll-up garage door opener is in sleep mode, it uses only 1 watt of total energy supply.

Chain Drive System

This Craftsman door opener uses the chain drive for opening/closing the garage door. It is a bit noisy and requires a periodical service. In the package are included two remotes and keypad, so it has a wireless entrance.  Its price is budget-friendly, so this door opener is affordable for everyone.


  • for residential use
  • safety PIN number
  • anti-burglary system

Best Commercial Roll Up Door Opener

Liftmaster Roll Up Door Opener

Commercial Use

This Liftmaster roll up garage door opener is the best for small rolling doors and commercial doors with vertical and high lift. This door opener can work on any kind of doors if you respect its capability. You can install it on a 12′ wide garage door. The customers said that it works even on very heavy roll-up garage doors. It is a bit expensive but it is a very quality item.

Liftmaster Roll Up Door Opener

Maintenance Alert System

This Liftmaster door opener is a bit heavy, it weighs 60 pounds, but it is adjusted to heavy commercial doors. The maintenance alert system will inform you when the service is necessary. You can mount this commercial roll-up garage door opener on the left and on the right side of the garage door.

Chain Opener

The Liftmaster has a chain drive mechanism. It produces some noise but it is very strong. It is easy to install this door opener and adjust it to any type of doors. It can make the maximal 12 cycles per hour and under 50 cycles per day. If happens emergency case, you can manually operate with chain hoist and electric interlock.

Liftmaster Roll Up Door Opener review

Automatic Roller Door Opener

If there are some obstructions that interfere with the closing, the safety sensors will react and stop the door closing. The engine has 1/2 horsepower and a single-phase motor. There is an integrated timer to automatically close the door when it’s in a totally open position. The manufacturer offers 2 years of warranty.


  • for heavy commercial doors
  • 60 pounds
  • 12 cycles per hour
  • chain drive mechanism

Best Smart Garage Door Opener For Roll Up Door

Genie Chain Drive Door Opener

Heavy Duty Chain

The Genie Chain Drive 550 door opener has a heavy-duty chain drive, and it is powerful and strong. With a DC motor of 1/2 horsepower, this door opener can easily open the sectional garage door of 8ft in height and up to 500 pounds. For the doors which have 8ft, it is necessary to use an extension kit.

Genie Chain Drive Door Opener

Intellicode Security

The Genie has 116 x 12 x 8.5 inches and it weighs 31 pounds. The batteries are included, and this door opener uses 4 CR batteries. Intellicode security technology changes the code on each door activation. That prevents entering to unauthorized persons. The Genie comes with door opener remotes and wireless keypad.

Smart Device

It is adjustable to mounting on the ceiling. It has a rail system of 5 pieces and no other hardware is needed. It is easy to install because it comes with a pre-assembled chain. You will get the wireless keypad in the package, so you can open the roll-up garage door with your personal PIN number.

Genie Chain Drive Door Opener review

Affordable Price

Except for wireless keypad, this Genie roller garage door opener comes with two 3-buttons garage door opener remotes and wall console with vacation lock and the button for light control. This garage door opener for a roll-up door has a low price, so everyone can afford it.

Car2U System

You will get a warranty for the motor for 10 years and the average battery life is about 2 years. The Genie door opener can work with HomeLink and Car2U remote systems. You don’t need any hubs or repeaters for that. There is a safety T-beam with sensors that protect the door from damage.


  • for the door of up to 500 pounds
  • low price
  • security system

Best Quiet Roll-up Door Opener

Chamberlain B970 Garage Door Opener

Belt Drive System

The Chamberlain B970 garage door opener has a belt drive system and that means it is quieter than the chain garage door opener. It is made of high-grade materials and that materials improve reliability and durability. The belt drive system is reinforced with steel.

Chamberlain B970 Smartphone-Controlled garage opener

1.25 Horsepower

The Chamberlain has the most horsepower on this list, there is 1.25 horsepower. It is more powerful to handle heavy wooden garage doors and it’s still run quietly. It has the highest lifting power. Also, there is battery backup when the power is an outage, so you can still access your garage door.

Smartphone Access

You can download the myQ app on your smartphone or tablet and open or close your garage door from different places. Also, you can get a real-time notification, when you left your garage door opened. You can share the access with three people and they can control your device through myQ Guest app.

Chamberlain B970 Smartphone-Controlled garage opener review

Up To 1500 Feet

With TriBand technology, you can have a superior range. This technology provides you more remote range up to 15oo feet, so you can faster get in/out of your garage. The Chamberlain roll-up garage door opener is designed for 7 ft doors, and for 8 ft or 10 ft, you’ll need an extension kit.

What Package Includes?

The Chamberlain has an affordable price, especially for its performances. Also, there are two 3-button remotes, wireless keypad, safety sensors that detect any obstructions, and control panel which detect motion and automatically turns the lights on. This control panel you can easily program.


  • quiet and durable door opener
  • high lifting power
  • battery backup
  • myQ app

Conclusion: Which Are The Best Two Roll-up Door Openers?

All of these models are very quality, easy to install and durable. But the best two are the Liftmaster commercial roll-up door opener and the Chamberlain garage door opener. The Liftmaster is a commercial roll-up door opener, it has a maintenance alert system, chain drive system and it is a bit expensive. The Chamberlain has the highest lifting force, it is a belt drive door opener and has 1.25 horsepower.

If you are more interested in best garage door opener, read this review. If you looking for a belt door opener, check out this post about the belt drive garage door opener. The one more post talks about the quiet garage door opener, you can read it.