Most 5 Secure Garage Door Opener You Can Get In 2022 Reviews

Are you interested in security in your garage door openers?

If your answer is yes, read about it in my article!

Here I will point out and describe the best and most secure garage door openers, write about their features and specialties, where you can compare them and choose the one you think it’s the best for your needs!


Things To Know About High-Security Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Drive Systems

When talking about garage door openers there are 4 different drive systems your garage can have. Those are Chain drive garage door opener, then Belt-drive garage door opener, Screw drive garage door opener and direct drive garage door opener. For the best and safest performance, I would recommend a Direct drive garage door opener.

Prices Of Various Garage Door Opener Drive Systems

The prices of course vary from the systems. Chain drive systems are generally the cheapest of the few and require more maintenance, but are worthy if you have limited budget. Next in pricing comes the Belt-drive openers which differ from Chain in having a belt instead of a chain which provides smoother operation. The Screw drive is nest on the list and finally the Direct drive which are the most expensive with best features.

Where Can You Find Secure Garage Door Openers?

It depends of the certain brand you are interested in which you can always search it online for their official website. Although, I would recommend There you will find variety of similar featured products you are searching for from different brands, and you can always check out the customer reviews to complete your choice before making a final decision.

Before Buying A Garage Door Opener

If you have 20-year or more old a garage door opener it is strongly recommended replacing it with more modern mode because of better security preferences. It is always a good idea to consult with a professional about specific need you want for your opener, such as horsepower or installation of the garage door opener.

Additional Features: Smart Garage Door Opener

Almost every modern garage door opener can be linked to your SmartHome. Most of them can connect via WI-FI and uses their own apps for easier control of your garage, as well as receiving the alerts from anywhere. They can connect to multiple platforms and devices. They also function with wireless keypads and remote controls

Best 5 High Security Garage Door Openers

LiftMaster 8355 Premium Series Security +2.0

The Protector System

The Protector system projects an invisible infrared beam across the garage door opening. When it senses any interruptions while closing it automatically reverses the door action. When the infrared beam is broken, the door opener quickly turns the lights on. Thin technology will immediately stop the door from closing if it sensors a person or object.

LiftMaster 8355 Premium Series

Security+ 2.0 And Patent PosiLock

The Liftmaster 8355 Premium uses the Security+ 2.0 system which is a rolling code technology that ensures you with a new and unique code every time the remote control is used for extra safety. The Patent PosiLock system will keep your garage door safely locked and making you carefree.

More Additional Security For Your Garage

This model of Liftmaster 8355 Premium Security is also compact with myQ smartphohe app. This will allow you to keep an eye on your garage door from anywhere. It has built in WI-FI. Any action in your garage will be tipped to your app, so you can monitor it anytime, and you will always receive alerts.

LiftMaster 8355 Premium Series review

Belt-Drive Garage Door Opener

This model of LiftMaster is a Belt drive garage door opener. It runs with ½ HP heavy-duty motor which is packed with Motor Vibration Isolation System (MVIS) which reduces vibration and noise. This is a great both ultra-quiet and smooth-running garage door opener, and great for having a living spaces next to your garage door.

Warranty on LiftMaster 8355 Premium

The warranty period of this LiftMaster Premium model depends on the part, but it surely will not disappoint you. The Belt and the motor has the lifetime warranty, while the accessories and the replacement parts have one year limited warranty. For more information about warranty I recommend the warranty manual on the LiftMaster official website.


  • Ultra-quiet garage door operation
  • Security+ 2.0
  • MyQ smartphone app
  • The Protector system

Chamberlain B1381 Garage Door Opener

Safety Sensors And Security

Safety and security in Chamberlain B1381 garage door opener is very easy to install and reliable. Safety sensors uses infrared lights which reverses the garage door actions if detects an unknown object while closing and that way prevents causing any damage. This model also uses the Security+ 2.0 with which you can fell secured. With every click on your remote, Security+ 2.0 sends you a unique code to access your garage.

Chamberlain B1381 Garage Door Opener

MyQ Features

The Chamberlain uses the myQ app for easier and modern use of your garage door. The app itself can be downloaded for free. Except controlling your garage door from anywhere, you will receive real-time alerts and notifications you can also share the garage access with up to three different users. All you need is an enabled WI-FI.

Link Accounts And Do More

The Chamberlain garage door openers can connect to multiple platforms. You can link with Google Assistant which uses the voice control, as well as IFFT which is free only for a limited time. You can link myQ to lots of your favorite devices and apps and create your own custom schedules. For Amazon Prime members, there is Amazon Key for secure in-garage delivery.

Chamberlain B1381 Garage Door Opener review

Included Components

Chamberlain B1381 includes some great components. There is two 3-button TriBand frequency remote controls with Security+ 2.0 for preventing hacking. Then Wireless keypad also Security+ 2.0 and PosiLock anti-theft protection. Furthermore, there are safety sensors and battery back-up which works even when the power is out.

Ultra Strong Belt-Drive

With maximum lift power system of 1.25 HPS, It is strong, reliable and it delivers the highest lifting capacity. Its performance is compared to 1 ¼ power class. This innovative and modern technology reduces vibrations and noises, making this garage door openers performance smooth and quiet.


  • Security+ 2.0
  • Smooth and quiet Belt-drive operation
  • Incluced remotes and wireless keypad
  • PosiLock anti-theft protection
  • Compatible with garage doors up to 7ft high.

Conclusion: Why Should You Buy These Two Garage Openers

If you are searching for high security garage door openers, you will not go wrong with the listed Liftmaster 8355 Premium and Chamberlain B1381 models. The use of myQ smart app and Security+ 2.0 will elevate safety at your home keeping your mind carefree and safe.

In case you are interested in other best garage door openers on the current market, please read this article about Best garage door openers. If you are interested and want to learn more about universal wireless keypads, their features and models you can read my article about Universal garage door opener keypad.  Furthermore, if you need information about belt drive garage door openers from different brands and various models, proceed to the Belt-drive garage door opener.