Best 2 Ryobi Garage Door Openers For Sale In 2022 Reviews

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Ryobi Garage Door Opener Brand

Ryobi Garage Door Opener Brand Products

Ryobi is a brand with many different useful tools and products for your demands, lifestyle, and preferences. In their offer, you can find power tools, tools for lawn and garden, combo kits, batteries and chargers, and other many parts and accessories, as well as garage door opener systems.

Ryobi Garage Door Opener Brand Price

Ryobi Brand is well known for specialization in making pro-featured power tools and outdoor products very affordable. The prices of Ryobi garage door openers are somewhere in the middle range, although the brand often has large promotions on their products.

Where Can You Buy Ryobi Garage Door Opener Products?

Ryobi garage door opener brand has its own website where you can check out and order products online. Also, Ryobi has many retailers, such as Amazon which I would strongly recommend. Buying it on Amazon gives you the opportunity to read the customer reviews for products you consider buying, as well as frequent discounts.

Ryobi Garage Door Opener Warranty

The warranty of the Ryobi products depends on a certain type of product. For example, the Ryobi pool products usually go to a 1-year warranty, Ryobi outdoor products go under 3-year, Ryobi 40V Lithium-Ion outdoor tools go under 5-year, and finally, the garage door opener motors and belts up to lifetime warranty.

Ryobi Garage Door Opener GDO System Mobile App

When installing a Ryobi garage door opener download the Ryobi GDO system app to your Smartphone. With this app, you will be able to control your Ryobi garage door opener from anywhere in the world with WIFI access. Use your app to open or close the Ryobi garage door remotely or custom the alerts for any garage action. You can also control any of the added Modules.

Ryobi Brand Customer Service And Support

If you find yourself in uncertainty or if you stumble on issues regarding your Ryobi products, you can reach the user-friendly customer service. Log in on the Ryobi official website where you can send any questions via e-mail. If you need a quicker response, you can call the official telephone line Monday to Sunday and seek for professional help in no time.

Best 2 Ryobi Garage Door Opener Reviews

Ryobi 2 HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

Ultra-Quiet drive system

Ryobi 2 HP quiet compact garage door opener is a steel-reinforced belt drive opener with faster opening and ultra-quiet drive system. The innovative technology removes all unnecessary lousy noises and reduces vibrations to a minimum, which is a great and useful feature if you have living spaces attached to your garage door.

Ryobi 2 HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

Ryobi GDO app

Control your Ryobi 2HP garage door opener from anywhere using a simple Ryobi GDO app on your smartphone. With few clicks, you can download the app to your devise for free. Your Ryobi garage door opener is also compatible with WIFI and Homelink.

Components included and hub

This Ryomi 2HP model includes many useful components. Except already listed garage door opener, it includes 2 remote garage door openers, 2 safety sensory, one outdoor control pad, one wireless keypad, one rail assembly kit and manual. Batteries and their charger are not included. Hub required are Ryobi, Wi-Fi, and Hub.

Ryobi 2 HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener review

Integrated LED lights

Ryobi 2HP belt drive garage door opener is packed up with long-lasting integrated LED lights that ensure you bright illumination with no need for changing out the light bulbs. The LED lights project clean and clear light for extraordinary visibility.

RYOBI ONE+ and battery

Ryobi 2HP belt drive garage door opener is part of the RYOBI ONE+, the largest 18-volt tool system in the world. Over 100 door opens are capable with lithium-Ion battery backup which are using a RYOBI ONE+ 4.0 Ah high capacity LITHIUM+ Lithium-Ion Battery. The batteries are not included and need to be bought separately.


  • Steel reinforced belt drive
  • Ultra-Quiet drive system
  • Wireless keypad and remote included

Ryobi GD200 Garage Door Opener

Bright LED Light and safety sensors

The LED light on the Ryobi GD200 garage opener is on the bottom of the unit and you can turn the light on and off on the wall remote, as well as it has a motion sensor so you, in fact, don’t even need a remote control for the light in your garage. Also, like any modern garage door opener, it has safety sensors that apply extra safety and stops when recognizing any motions under the garage door.

Ryobi GD200 Garage Door Opener

Optional modules

Ryobi GD200  garage door opener comes with optional modules. You basically buy the base unit itself and later you pick your own modules that are right for your needs. The modules are very simple to install- you remove the cover plates and you can put them in almost any position that you would like.

Bluetooth speaker

The Bluetooth speaker is a really fun feature to have in your garage. You can listen to music when you work in your garage, or simply use it for hands-free calling with your smartphone. That is an extra module and it does not come included. For the full list of modules, you can check on Ryobi’s official website.

Ryobi GD200 Garage Door Opener review

Multi-functional wall-mounted remote control

Ryobi GD 200 comes with a wall-mounted remote control. With this remote control, you can operate with some of the modules, as well as setting a vacation mode. It locks all the exterior remotes and you can operate your garage door only from inside or from your smartphone app.

Included Accessories

Ryobi GD 200 comes with two remote controls and a wireless keypad that you can mount outside of your garage door. If your remotes damages or if you simply forgot it, you can enter the garage from the outside with a unique code you have set earlier.


  • Control your garage with a smartphone app
  • Quiet compact garage door opener
  • Includes remote and wireless keypad

Other Ryobi Garage Door Opener Models

Ryobi garage door opener models have common features as the ones listed above. The models I would also like to point out and recommend are Ryobi GD 201 garage door opener which is currently unavailable on Amazon, as well as model Ryobi GD 126 garage door opener and Ryobi GDA 100 garage door opener.

Ryobi Replacement Parts And Accessories

The Ryobi company offers a large amount of different and useful accessories for different products, depending on your needs and preferences. For the broken or extra part in need, you can simply order it from an official distributor or Ryobi website. The search is quick and easy, as you simply type the model, part number or a keyword into the search engine.

Ryobi Instructions And Manual

With every Ryobi product, you will get the detailed Ryobi garage door opener installation and maintenance manual. Reading it before using your new-bought product is strongly recommended to avoid any potential errors. If you would like to read the certain manuals before buying the product, you can find it on this link.

Conclusion: Why Should You Buy The Ryobi Garage Door Openers?

Ryobi garage door openers are available at very affordable prices. The quality of the products is up to competitive brands in the middle range class. The features of Ryobi 2HP garage door opener are very useful and up to date with other brands on the current market and if you are interested in buying a Ryobi products, the Ryobi 2HP garage door opener is the one I recommend.

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