Best Craftsman Garage Door Openers For Sale In 2022 Reviews

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In this article, I will write about Craftsman Garage door opener brand, its different models and types, describe features and point out the best of the brand! If you are interested in Craftsman garage openers, you might find this helpful!


Craftsman Garage Door Opener Brand

Craftsman Brand Wide Offer Of Products

Craftsman garage door opener brand has a really large offer of many different products apart from garage openers. In their offer, you can find various types of Power tools, from drills to air compressors, a lot of outdoor tools and equipment, many different hand tools, storages, and garages, as well as plenty of accessories such as wireless keypads and automotive tools.

Craftsman Garage Door Opener Prices

The Craftsman Garage Door Opener brand has prices somewhere in the middle range. It depends on the model you are interested in. There are models in the lower price range, as well as the ones with full equipment that are in the higher. But all in all, prices are still average in relation to the competitive brands on the market.

Where Can You Buy Craftsman Garage Door Opener Products?

Craftsman garage door opener has its own website and few retailers where you can search for a wanted product, although I would strongly recommend Amazon has a variety of different products and you can always check the ratings of the wanted and customer reviews from users. Amazon also has frequent discounts so you can get your products at cheaper prices.

Craftsman Garage Opener Products Warranty

Warranty of the Craftsman brand depends on the tool, model or type of product. It goes somewhere between a one-year limited warranty to lifetime. Tools vary usually from 3-year to few years up, while motors has up to lifetime warranty. As I said it really depends on the products, and for more information, I would suggest checking it on the Craftsman official website.

Craftsman Customer Care And Support

If you need to contact the Craftsman brand for any reason, you are just one click or telephone call away. The customer service is very user-friendly and usually, reply in one working day. For a quicker response, you can get in touch with the professional through telephone line Monday to Friday from 7 am to 5:30 pm and Sunday to Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm. For Product support, you can fill in the table on Craftsman website.

Best Craftsman Garage Door Opener Product Reviews

Craftsman CMXEOCG981 Garage Door Opener

Belt Garage Door Opener

This model of Craftsman Garage door opener operates 1 HP Belt Drive and suited for lifting 7 ft garage doors. Because of top-quality and flexible materials, this garage door openers mechanism works smoothly and quietly, reducing the noises and vibrations to a minimum. Works in extreme conditions (like ice). It is suitable if you have an attached garage.

Craftsman CMXEOCG981 Garage Door Opener

Smartphone control

Craftsman garage door openers are compatible with my Q app on your smartphone. The app itself is available in the app store and you can download it for free. Via the app, you can monitor control your smart anytime, anywhere as well as get real-time alerts for any actions made in your garage. It is also compatible with Homelink in-vehicle remote system.

Secure access

Craftsman smart garage door openers include a wireless outdoor keypad and 3-button remote control. For greater safety, when you activate a Craftsman wireless keypad or a Craftsman garage door remote you will receive unique, one-time access signal from billions of possibilities. This prevents your system from intercepting the radio system and any possibility of hacking.

Craftsman CMXEOCG981 Garage Door Opener review


The Craftsman garage door openers include the LCD Wall Controller. With this multi-function LCD wall controller, you can set a timer for the garage door for automatic closing or opening making your lifestyle easier. Then detection a motion, the wall controller activated the lights. The safety sensors are included to prevent your garage door from closing if it detects an obstacle.

Lighting and battery

End-to-end motion-activated lighting is activated inside the garage when recognizing movement. The dual-lens panels hold 100-watt CFL bulbs which are sold separately. The Craftsman garage door openers include the battery backup with included battery which assures you to enter or exit the garage even if the power is off.


  • Wireless outdoor keypad
  • Set of 2 safety sensors
  • Smartphone control
  • Set a required hardware
  • Multi-function LCD wall controller

Other Craftsman Garage Door Openers

Craftsman manufactures many different products. When it comes to universal garage door openers, the models have similar features as the one listed. The models I would like to point out are Craftsman 315 garage door opener, Craftsman Series 100 garage door opener, which are currently unavailable on Amazon, as well as various parts like Craftsman 139.53753 remote control, Craftsman 315 garage door opener wireless keypad.

Craftsman Garage Door Parts And Accessories

Craftsman brand provides good service when it comes to replacing of maintaining parts. You can easily track and order-specific parts like Craftsman garage door motor or keychain. The service is available 24 hours a day. When it comes to replacing, I recommend the original parts from the manufacturer although you can use universal parts. Craftsman also offers a wide range of accessories with proven quality and durability such as Craftsman garage door sensors and Craftsman garage door wall mount control.

Craftsman Garage Door Opener Manual

For every product bought from the Craftsman brand, you will get an official installation and maintenance manual. Before using any product from Craftsman, reading the manual is strongly recommended. If you are interested in reading the manual for a certain product before the purchase decision, you can find it and read it on this website.

Conclusion: Why Should You Get Products From Craftsman?

Craftsman brand is well listed and rated and one of the most popular brands in the United States of America and Canada.  I would recommend the Craftsman garage door opener because it is easy to use so you don’t have to be an expert for it to use it in your home.

If you are interested in replacement garage door opener, you can click on this article and read more about the best garage door openers. If you wish to know about other garage door openers from different brands, please read about automatic garage door openers. However, if you want to read and know about the wireless garage door parts like a keypad, you will find this my post about universal wireless garage door keypad helpful.